Object: Cristina Warranty 

Cristina tapware products imported and sold by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd are made in Italy for Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd to comply with the applicable Australian standards. This warranty is only available to Cristina tapware products purchased through Canterbury Sink &Tapware Pty Limited or via an authorised appointed Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd distributor in Australia. All products must be installed in Australia to be applicable for this warranty.


The official receipt with the purchase date from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or authorised distributor in Australia will be required as proof of purchase for any warranty claim. No copies will be accepted. If documentary evidence does not exist to support this proof of purchase, Canterbury Sink& Tap Pty Ltd is not liable to warrant, repair or supply parts for any product that cannot prove its original purchase point in Australia. 


Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd warrants to replace or repair all Cristina Tapware purchased from Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or indirectly from one of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd Australian distributors were it is deemed by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd that a manufacturing fault in materials or workmanship in the body exists for five (5) year period from the date of purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt regardless of the circumstances. 


ceramic disc cartridges incorporated within Cristina tapware are a replaceable part and have a parts replacement warranty of one (1) year from the date of purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt. We also add an additional warranty of 14 years for cartridge replacement only T&C apply. (labour is excluded), Flexible hand-shower and kitchen tap spray rinse hoses, O rings and washers, non-return valves, poppet valves and aerator inserts are also replaceable parts and covered by a one (1) year parts replacement warranty from the date of purchase as stated on the original purchase receipt. This warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, improper installation or vandalism.



This warranty for tapware and replaceable parts is void should the fault be found to be due to any of the following:

water pressure exceeds 500kpa, pressure-limiting valves must be installed. This is also a requirement of 

the Cristina Tapware manufacturer’s installation instructions. Warranty claims may not be honoured

where excessive water pressure is evident.

manufacturer’s installation supply.

plumbing regulations, the Cristina Tapware installation instructions and best trade practice.



Cristina Tapware brass-ware products are manufactured in brass by craftsman in its factory in Italy. Some minor imperfections in the materials and finish are not defects, but a feature characteristic of a handmade product. Finishes are not covered under warranty.



Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd undertakes to repair or replace all Cristina tapware purchased from

Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or indirectly from one of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd’s authorised appointed Australian Distributors where an unequivocal proven manufacturing fault has occurred in either material or workmanship or both in the tap body for a period of five (5) years based on original date of purchase established via a purchase receipt. The warranty under any circumstances is Non- transferable.



To initiate a warranty claim, please contact Canterbury Sink & Tap or nominated agent from whom the product was purchased. Proof of purchase will be required. Warranty service cover is provided during normal working hours by Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd or a nominated agent in state capital cities and otherwise within the normal operating areas of authorized Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd dealers. Service arrangements else where are provided at the discretion of Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd. The customer is responsible to provide all relevant details of the faulty product including model, finish and the nature of the alleged fault. Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd may request that the customer provide photographs of the alleged fault or take basic steps to determine the cause. Where necessary or reasonable, Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd reserves the right to require an allegedly faulty product or part to be returned for inspection or repair with the associated costs of the return borne by the customer. Where a service call is made and the alleged fault is not covered under the product warranty (e.g. where there is an installation issue which voids the warranty), the customer will be liable to pay for the service fee. A fee will be charged where a service call is made based on the miss identification of another brand product as Cristina. Failure to attend a mutually agreed service appointment will incur a fee. Where a site inspection is required Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd reserve the right to charge for a call out which will be refunded if it is established that the alleged fault appertains to that of a manufacturing error. All call out charges are subject to review only where deemed applicable and refunded at Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd’s discretion.



This warranty is subject to the product having been installed in accordance with the relevant installation instructions and Australian, state and local Standards by a Licensed plumber, including where applicable limiting inlet water pressure to a maximum of 500kpa at point of installation (AS/NZS 3500) installing in– line gauze filters, compliance with water temperature limitations and adequately flushing the water supply lines prior to installation of the product. Failure to comply with the above will invalidate the warranty.

This warranty does not apply to damage, defects or other malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear, improper installation or maintenance, accident, neglect, vandalism, misuse, alteration modification, unusual physical or environmental conditions, use in an application for which the product was not intended or designed, or the use of harsh, abrasive or chemical cleaners. Other than in accordance with this warranty and Australian consumer law, Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd shall not be held liable for any 

damage (direct, indirect or consequential), injury, loss, harm, inconvenience or the other detriment, whether physical, financial or otherwise arising directly or indirectly from the purchase, carriage, installation or use of the goods in anyway.


Canterbury Sink & Tap Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter or amend the warranty at any time without prior notice.


March 2022