Three Types of Tapware That Will Lift Up Your Bathroom In 2021

Three Types of Tapware That Will Lift Up Your Bathroom In 2021

Fortunately, we are now living in times when it is so easy to find the bathroom tapware right of our choice. However, at the same time, this abundance has created one small difficulty and that is of finding the perfect tone for your own bathroom. 

We all get inspired by different options upon seeing them on Instagram, the web or magazines, but again we are never too sure whether that beautiful chrome tapware will look good in our bathroom as well or not. 

After considering how every customer of Designer Tapware Co. has to go through this, we decided to highlight the three most popular options which we bet can light up any type of bathroom. 

In fact, expert designers also call these options the true jewels in the world of bathroom tapware. Hence, try them out for a look that you will most definitely love. 

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Matt Black Tapware

The craze for matt black tapware started five or six years ago but it indeed is a timeless piece that will go on to lift up the visual appeal of so many kinds of bathrooms for times to come. The reason behind their immense popularity is simple and that is these tapware add up as a punch of modernity to any kind of bathroom theme. 

However, it also comes down to your personal preference of whether you like the vibe of a crisp, and contemporary bathroom. When installed to complement white tiles, it offers a striking contrast and can also serve as a moment of vibrance in a subdued space.

On the other hand, black tapware also works wonderfully well for moody and industrial bathrooms. It shouldn’t also be treated as a masculine choice for darker zones. Make your traditional bathroom trendy with this one magical touch! 

Brass Tapware

This has to be the most eye-catching tapware option that exists to date. IIf you want to make your bathroom look like a luxury one with one small addition then this boosts elegance and sophistication the best. 

Also contrary to all the beliefs, brass tapware also works well for all kinds of bathroom styles. Of course, it does shine a little more against a black tile in a dark and moody bathroom but it can also offer bursts of bling in a bathroom full of white tiles. 

You can avoid the option if you don’t want a visually vibrant bathroom. But if you are a fan of the brass, you won’t be able to ignore its gorgeousness!

Hard Graphite Tapware

This is an option for the future. So, while you may not see more of them in vibrant bathrooms around you but this is that one subtle addition that can make your bathroom look ultra-modern and sleek. 

To be precise, this tapware option offers mood, depth, and masculinity. But with that, it also offers shine similar to chrome. Hence, if you are looking for a subtle nod to an industrial-styled bathroom give graphite a try!

Well, now that you know the best kind of tapware, you can do even better by opting for similar options through Designer tapware Co. as every single tap we sell is crafted by the finest Italian designers. So, you get plenty of styles and finish options right as per your needs. 

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